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Jessie Joseph

"I joined the affiliate program by Pass4Sure a while ago. I added the banners as well as the pass4sure text links. Believe me the links offer more clicks than the flashy banners. Money is pouring in!"

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Account Activation

Step 1 Step 2
  • Fill in the required information and then you will get email confirmation in your mentioned email account for account confirmation. You can activate the account by clicking the URL and you will be directed to Pass4Sure Affiliate Area.

Custom Links and Banners Creation

After the activation of the account the next step will be to create custom links and banners for your website or your affiliate advertising campaign.
  • The Next step is to create custom links and banners for your website or your affiliate advertising campaign.
  • "Get Links" page allows you to select Ad Type, like banners and text links, different Channels, and specific "Link To" page/pages from Pass4Sure products.
  • Select the ad type and products, then you will see "Link Code" which is ready to copy and paste to your website page/s or your affiliate advertising campaign.
  • You can also Export Advertising Links of Pass4sure products in CSV format by Export to CSV option on the same page.
  • Also you have the option to download the affiliate links/banner of Most Popular Certification Providers / Certifications / Exams. Like :
    1. Top 20 Certification Providers
    2. Top 30 Certifications
    3. Top 50 Exams


  • You can overview your Affiliate Links by number of impressions, clicks, sales and earnings at the Statistics Page.
  • All statistics can be viewed by date, month and year. You can keep track of the channels if you have created any in Pass4Sure Affiliate System.
  • You are able to view daily sales statistics of particular Pass4Sure Product at bottom of the Statistics Page.


  • Payouts page gives you the current balance in your Pass4Sure Affiliate Account. You can also see a clear snap shot about all payment made to you of affiliation.


  • You can also create your new channel to identify the page impression, clicks and sales.


  • Go to the Profile Page and you can change your password or edit any personal information if needed anytime. Just update the information after all changes have been made and the changes will be saved in your profile.
  • Profile page enables you to select Payment Method you like,
    1. Check
    2. Paypal
    3. Bank Wire
  • Please select the Payment Mode. The Minimum Payment Amount is US Dollar 100.00

Support Help

  • Our Support Team is out there to help, if you find any difficulty anywhere in the process. You can submit a request Ticket for Support from Top Navigation by clicking Support.

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