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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How The Affiliate Program Works?
  2. Different from the Resellers Program How? Which One is Right for Me?
  3. Is there a Joining Free or Any Hidden Costs?
  4. How much is the Workload/Marketing Campaign?
  5. Will I have to offer customer support to buyers?
  6. How much can I expect to make?
  7. How do I know when someone has clicked the link on my site? How do I know when they've bought a product?
  8. Assure Me I am being paid my full commissions?
  9. How am I paid?
  10. How often am I paid?
  11. How do I get started?
  12. How do I add an affiliate link to my website?
  13. Do I have to have a web site to join the affiliate program?
  14. Can Pass4Sure affiliate links be displayed on the same page as other ads and affiliate links?
  15. Can I use Pass4Sure affiliate links in PPC campaigns or AdWords?
  16. Is there a Benefit for me for referring other affiliates?
  17. I have signed up but I have some further questions who do I contact regarding help?
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