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"I want to thank Pass4Sure for the affiliate program. Now I refer my friends and earn money for the referrals. The process is simple and easy. Easy Money"

Jessie Joseph

"I joined the affiliate program by Pass4Sure a while ago. I added the banners as well as the pass4sure text links. Believe me the links offer more clicks than the flashy banners. Money is pouring in!"

Andrew John
(Website Owner)

"What an offer Pass4Sure, 25% commission on the sales. I am more than happy to earn loads on money"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How The Affiliate Program Works?

With the Pass4Sure Affiliate program you can take advantage of the Pass4Sure products by creating custom links and banners for your website or Affiliate Advertising Campaigns. Any visitor to your web-site, who click on your Pass4Sure Affiliate links and then purchases a Pass4Sure product, will generate a 25% commission for you. You will be paid monthly by Bank Wire, Cheque or PayPal, whichever you prefer.

Visitors to Pass4Sure through your affiliate links are tracked using cookies stored in the visitor's browser. The cookie flags the visitor as your referral for 60 days. If the Pass4Sure visitor decides not to purchase a product or service on the day they click the link, if they purchase the product within 60 days you will still get credit for their purchase.

Commission "Cheques" are sent once a month, on balances $100.00 and more.

Pass4Sure Affiliate program has no fees associated (unless you select payment by Bank Wire), you can make as many links as you like, and can use then on as many websites as you like. Please Note: (You are responsible for any hosting charges, internet access, and domain registration charges that come with creating a website and hosting web pages. Consult your hosting company, internet service provider, and domain registrar for more information.)

Different from the Resellers Program How? Which One is Right for Me?

The Pass4Sure Affiliate Program is designed especially for owners of web sites who create content relating to the IT and Certification industry. ANYONE can become a Pass4Sure Affiliate and create links for their web site or Affiliate Marketing Program. Pass4Sure Affiliates will create links that will direct site visitors to the Pass4Sure web site. So we promote Pass4Sure Products and take care of order processing and payment. You for referral and sale will be rewarded with a 25% commission on the customer's purchase.

Pass4Sure Resellers Program is typically for people or small businesses who, are in direct contact with Certification Candidates. A Pass4Sure Reseller facilitates the purchase and up front promotion or selling. Pass4Sure Reseller purchases the Pass4Sure Products from us at wholesale prices and then re-sells the products to the customers at any price it chooses. The Pass4Sure Reseller program does not limit resellers regarding the final price they charge.

Pass4Sure Affiliate Program is more suited for you if you are a web site owner who would like to create additional revenue with no selling. Pass4Sure Reseller Program is suitable for you if you are interested in contacting customers directly, or already have a customer base Contact Pass4Sure Affiliate Support to discuss your situation and our recommendations if you need further help in making a decision.

Is there a Joining Free or Any Hidden Costs?

No, there are none. For opening a Pass4Sure Affiliate Account there are exclusively no sign-up fees, no hidden costs and no efficiency requirements. There is only one fee for sending Bank Wires if you select it as your payment type (Cheques, PayPal, Bank Wires), depending on the country your bank operates from.

To receive a payment from Pass4Sure Affiliate Program a minimum balance of $100.00 in commissions is required. In case you do not achieve this minimum amount the balance will be added in next month's commissions until you reach the $100.00.

The normal costs associated with having a web site are your own responsibility and you are responsible for any fees associated with hosting, domain registration and internet access.

How much is the Workload/Marketing Campaign?

We offer the easiest way to generate Pass4Sure Affiliate Link in less than one minute from your affiliate account.

You can publish your affiliate links in advertising campaigns and PPC (Pay Per Click Programs) through different programs however, for the standard web site owner/operator placing the affiliate links within your existing content, or using banners on your own site will work best for you.

You might want advertising or marketing if your web site does not have significant traffic or it is new. Please keep in mind that if a visitor only clicks on the link or ad you don't get a commission. You get commissions based on sales generated from the links directed to Pass4Sure.

We at Pass4Sure strongly recommend to place due focus on Search Engine Optimization and related content within your existing site. Create value-added pages that appeal to your audience, with affiliate links embedded in the content. Instead of glitzy banner ads focus on more natural appearing or contextual links as they tend to have a much higher click rate and value.

Will I have to offer customer support to buyers?

Pass4Sure is responsible for providing customer/technical support to all its customers even if the purchase is made through affiliate or reseller programs. Pass4Sure will be responsible for handling the account creation, billing and processing and even technical and customer support.

How much can I expect to make?

When you become a Pass4Sure Affiliate, you can earn through affiliate links 12.8% of each sale created. There is no limit to how much visitors can visit though your link, so there is no limit to how much commissions you can earn.

Visitors arriving at Pass4Sure through your affiliate links are tracked with a 60-day cookie, stored in the visitors' browser. The customer who makes the purchase anytime during these 60-days period earns you 12.8% commission for this sale.

NOTE #1: If customers referred by you request chargeback(s) or refund(s) then the corresponding sales' commission(s) will be deducted from your affiliate account balance.

NOTE #2: Affiliate accounts having % of chargebacks above the industry average will be blocked and deactivated without a notice.

How do I know when someone has clicked the link on my site? How do I know when they've bought a product?

When you become a Pass4Sure Affiliate you receive access to a Pass4Sure Affiliate administration control panel. Within this control panel you can view your affiliate link statistics, which includes: aggregate and by-channel impressions, aggregate and by-channel number of clicks on links, aggregate and by-channel number of sales generated from links, and total earnings from links (aggregate and by-channel data).

Pass4Sure Affiliates can also make custom channels for better tracking of links/ads and performance. An affiliate may choose to create a channel for links or banners in a specific location, common on many pages, or perhaps all links on a specific page or web site. The use of channels can assist you in finding the best locations and types of links that perform best on your site(s), and with your site(s) visitors.

Assure Me I am being paid my full commissions?

Every Pass4Sure Affiliate receives access to a Pass4Sure Affiliate administration control panel. Within the control panel you can view your affiliate link stats, which includes: aggregate and by-channel impressions, aggregate and by-channel number of clicks on links, aggregate and by-channel number of sales generated from links, and total earnings from links (aggregate and by-channel data).

In addition to this, you also have a segment of statistics displaying the exact products purchased from your directed traffic, and the amount of the commission generated. The sum total of all the purchases' commissions will equal the amount of your commission payment. The data you see regarding your traffic and sales is the same data we use to pay your commissions.

How am I paid?

As a Pass4Sure Affiliate you have the options of being paid by Bank Wire, Cheque and PayPal. You are eligible for a payment for the balance of your affiliate account after you have generated a minimum of $100.00 in commissions.

Payments made by Bank Wire take approximately three days to process and may include a banking fee, depending on your bank and the country it operates from.

Cheque payments are mailed payable to the owner of the Pass4Sure Affiliate account on record when signing up. Cheques are sent via United States Postal Service. Pass4Sure Affiliate cheques may also be sent via Federal Express, or Registered Mail, at your request and expense.

How often am I paid?

Pass4Sure Affiliate payments are made on 16th of each month. The affiliate accounts who have reached a balance of at least $100.00 will be processed for payments. Accounts that have not met the minimum balance will be carried forward to the next month, until the minimum amount has been achieved.

Note: You can get the first affiliate payment in 3 months after joining Pass4sure affiliate program. This is done to avoid fraudulent affilaite referred sales.

How do I get started?

Sign up for the Pass4Sure Affiliate Program. The process is really easy, simple and absolutely free! Simply go to and enter your required information into the registration form.

You will receive a confirmation and verification e-mail make sure to leave a valid working email address. In the verification email there is a link that you need to click, or copy and paste into the URL bar of your favourite browser. This link after confirming your email address will activate your affiliate account. After the activation now create affiliate links immediately and start counting the money made being a part of the Pass4Sure Affiliate Program.

If case you have any questions regarding the registration process, or you did not receive your verification email, please contact Pass4Sure Affiliate Support.

How do I add an affiliate link to my website?

The process of creating links from the Pass4Sure Affiliate control panel is very easy and it takes only seconds. Log in to your Pass4Sure Affiliate control panel to create links.
Proceed as follows:
  1. Log into your Pass4Sure Affiliate Control Panel
  2. In the Top Navigation Click the Get Links link.
  3. Select your Ad Type
  4. Select a Channel (if necessary)
  5. Select the Pass4Sure Page you want to link to
  6. Your HTML link code is generated in the Link Code text area
  7. Copy and paste this HTML code into your web page using an HTML editor (like DreamWeaver or FrontPage).
  8. Upload your page to your server and view!
There are different Ad/Link types you can select in the Advertisement Links form. With the exception of the Raw Link, all of these ads are tracked for impressions, clicks, and sales.
  • Text Link
    A Text Link is simply the key word on the linked page of the linked item. For example when you are linking to the Cisco 640-802 Page on Pass4Sure, your Text Link will display as "Cisco 640-802". This format is perfect for contextual advertising.

    Example: Pass4sure
  • Text Link with Description
    The Text Link and Description is similar to the Text Link in the fact that it also uses the keyword for the link; however it also follows the link with a short sentence or paragraph regarding the page. This link is very popular for lists above or below technical articles.

    Example: Pass4sure - Pass4sure premium exam training tools and resources
  • Banner 125x125
    A small branded graphical banner 125 pixels wide and 125 pixels tall. This banner can be used anywhere in a web site of wrapped by content. This size also works particularly well in blogs.

    Pass4sure - Guaranteed Certification
  • Banner 468x60
    The typical 468x60 banner advertisement found mostly at the tops and bottoms of web sites and web pages all around the world. This advertisement works well in marketing campaigns and web rings. It also performs well with web templates designed with banners in mind.

    Pass4sure - Guaranteed Certification
  • Buy Now Link
    A Buy Now Link uses the keyword of the page you are linking to, with the term: "Buy Now" following the link. This link can be styled to match, or contrast your existing site design and creates a sense of rush and necessity.

    Example: Pass4sure - Buy Now
  • Raw Link
    The Raw Link format provides no Impressions tracking. It is simply the URL of your Pass4Sure Affiliate link.

You can easily use the Raw Links to create HTML code in making custom ads or banners for your site, or for submitting to other Affiliate Marketing campaigns. Raw links will still track clicks and sales; however the code for impressions has been stripped to make it easy to use for your custom needs.

Do I have to have a web site to join the affiliate program?

The answer is No. There are many ways to create income generation from affiliate marketing links, for example: PPC ads, contextual linking, and joining banner share programs. However the most efficient way to use and take advantage of your Pass4Sure Affiliate account will be with your own site. On the site you can embed links and even banners within your own pages that are under your own control.

You can join the Pass4Sure Affiliate Program with absolutely nil requirements and headaches. Through you own website you can generate ideal profits and take full benefit of affiliate marketing platforms.

Can Pass4Sure affiliate links be displayed on the same page as other ads and affiliate links?

The answer is an absolute Yes. As the Pass4Sure pays its Affiliate Program members on the basis of the sales generated from links they post and not for high number of clicks on the links.

Feel Free to use Pass4Sure Affiliate links any way you like.

Can I use Pass4Sure affiliate links in PPC campaigns or AdWords?

We do not restrain or restrict our members to the use of your affiliate links on your own site, or any other that is enforced by Pass4Sure except: using Pass4Sure affiliate links in PPC campaigns or AdWords for keywords "pass4sure" and "pass for sure" (and variations of these keywords) is not allowed. Please verify with the advertising company that you have in mind to use your Pass4Sure Affiliate links with and make sure that they are accommodating with their policy and practices.

Is there a Benefit for me for referring other affiliates?

The answer is Yes. Pass4Sure rewards and appreciates referrals of new affiliates from current affiliates. Please email if you would like to refer an affiliate to us. Discuss your account with the manager and the new affiliate you would like to join the affiliate program.

I have signed up but I have some further questions who do I contact regarding help?

We are here to help do not hesitate to contact Pass4Sure Affiliate Support for any of the questions you might have in your mind.

Most probably you will get all the related answers to your questions within these FAQ pages but we do welcome all questions and comments.
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